Neuse River Baptist Church has been serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the Grantham community of Craven County, North Carolina since 1962. Located on the corner of Old Cherry Point Road and Battleground Avenue, the church was originally named Battleground Park Baptist Church.

Our Mission, Vision and Values:

Our Mission:

In keeping with the mandate of the Great Commission, as uttered by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, the Neuse River Baptist Church sets forth as its mission to exalt the Savior, to edify saints, to evangelize sinners and to elevate society.

Our Vision:

The Neuse River Baptist Church will reach and reproduce within the James City area and its surrounding communities, a people inspired and equipped with a passion for the truth of Christ and His compassion for others, who will in turn be enablers of change for the disenfranchised.

Our Values:

A) Biblical Guidance: The Bible is the primary source of all beliefs and behaviors. Though we value truth from all sources, the Scriptures are our ultimate guide.

B) Spiritual Progress: We encourage life-long spiritual growth among our members. The Christian life is a journey from one level of maturity to another with the ultimate goal of being fully compliant under Christ's leadership.

C) Prayerful Dependence: We request God's involvement in our church life through prayer, and we promote personal and family prayer among our members.

D) Life-Oriented Teaching: We emphasize the relevance and of the Bible to real life issues when we teach so that people know how to honor God in everyday activities.

E) Gracious Acceptance: We embrace all that come to our church regardless of racial, cultural or socio-economic differences. We embrace those with life-controlling challenges, such as substance abuse.

F) Supportive Relationships: We stress mutually encouraging relationships among our members. Through supportive relationships, our members are encouraged to grow spiritually.

G) Multi Generational Ministry: We structure ministries to meet the needs of each generation. Mature adults, young adults, youth and children all need ministries which address their generational distinctiveness. We will utilize people from all these generational distinctions in the administration of church ministries, as their giftedness will allow.

H) Compassion for the Poor: We respond to the needs of the disenfranchised through sharing food, clothing and financial assistance as God directs and blesses us with this ministry.

I) Community Service: We invest in the community life that surrounds our church through engaging in random acts of kindness and strategic social action.

J) Excellence in Innovation: We seek to give God our best and utilize the gifts, talents and creativity given to us through Him, using the latest technologies as we become aware of how they will improve our communication of the gospel.

How we will fulfill our Mission, Vision, and Values:

A) To know and worship the God of Glory: By providing the opportunity for entrance into and growth in a living relationship with Jesus Christ. By providing opportunities for God's people to corporately worship and celebrate God, for who He is and for His mighty acts in history through Jesus Christ our Lord. By fostering and encouraging personal devotion, loyalty, worship, and prayer to the end that all of life is an act of worship to God.

B) To enable one another to care and grow: By fostering Christian accountability among believers in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. By enabling all believers to discover and develop their spiritual gifts for the purpose of building one another up. We will accomplish this by a clear proclamation of God's Word.

C) To train and involve people in ministry: By enabling young and old alike to study the Scripture for themselves and to be taught the Scripture so that they evidence its bearing on their faith and conduct in four priority areas:

1. Their commitment to Christ

2. Their commitment to their family

3. Their commitment to the body of Christ

4. Their commitment to the work of Christ in the world

We will accomplish this by enabling people to employ their spiritual gifts and talents to serve the local church. By training and motivating God's people to be His responsible stewards of the wealth He has entrusted to them.

D) To speak and live out the Gospel: By clearly proclaiming the Good News in order that people may be led to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and thus be incorporated into the worship, fellowship, and mission of the church. By the living out of our holy lives, genuine love for one another, devoted service to mankind, and patient endurance of suffering.

E) To recruit and send laborers into the world: By enlisting and identifying the call of men and women to be strategically placed in the field of ministry inside and beyond our location. To actively support the missions work of the International and North American Mission Board and the Atlantic Baptist Association in cooperative efforts to reach the unreached peoples of the world.